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Welcome to Manage – a revolution in business management.

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Key Features

Why Manage is the best for your Business

With its unparalleled integration of business applications, industry-specific customization, and intelligent automation, Manage stands as the definitive all-in-one platform, revolutionizing business operations and driving growth like no other.


User-Centric Customization

Tailor Manage to align perfectly with your business with our adaptable and customizable user-centric features. Whether defining user roles, personalizing dashboards or creating custom fields, Manage gives you complete control.

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Intelligent Automation

From automated invoicing and reminders to process automation, Manage harnesses the power of advanced technology to streamline and optimize your business operations, increasing productivity while reducing the chances of error.

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Powerful CRM

Nurture stronger, more effective customer relationships with Manage's robust CRM capabilities. Track potential customers, manage deals effectively, improve your sales forecast, and drive revenue growth with strategic customer relationship management.

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Integrated Task & Time Management

Assign tasks, set deadlines, manage resources and track time effortlessly with our integrated task and time management features. Foster team collaboration, enhance productivity and ensure timely task completion, contributing to your business's overall efficiency.

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Advanced Features

Take the next step in business optimization with Manage’s suite of advanced features

Step into a new era of business operation efficiency with Manage's advanced features, designed to make running your business smoother, faster and simpler.

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Integrate With Your Favorite Apps

  • google
  • clio
  • ninjaOne
  • xero
  • iztCloud
  • gusto
  • office-365
  • eSignatue
  • twilio
  • office-365
Unified Business Operations

Streamline Your Workflows

Simplify your workflows with Manage's unified platform that elegantly merges all critical business applications. Eliminate the hassle of juggling multiple tools and focus more on what truly matters - your business growth.

Customizable User-Centric Modules

Tailoring Technology to Your Needs

Benefit from unparalleled flexibility with Manage's customizable modules. Adapt the platform to align perfectly with your unique industry requirements. With Manage, experience the convenience of a personalized tool that evolves with your business.

Advanced Automation

Redefine Efficiency with Smart Automation

Streamline your operations and enhance productivity with Manage's advanced automated features. From timely reminders to invoicing, let automation handle the mundane tasks. Save time, minimize errors and focus on the strategic aspects of your business.

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